Version 1.142: Carnaval !!


Hi mice!

You’ve looked forward to it, get dressed and come dance because the Carnaval starts today on Transformice! This year, come enjoy the Bahia Carnaval in Salvador. Salvador? Bahia? Yes you’ve read it well! For those who don’t know about it, Bahia Carnaval is a popular street festival that takes place every year in Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. There are fewer feathers than in Rio, but the party is as much fun!

I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

To be the most stylish mouse of this Carnaval, go to the shop where you will discover brand-new items

- Berimbau. A musical instrument used for capoeira which is a mix between dance and martial-arts.

- Senhor do Bofim ribbons (literally, the lord of the Good End). This wish bracelet first appeared during the 19th century. Your mouse will be beautiful with one as a headband. Plus, they’re told to give good luck ;)

- The tambourine for those who love to make noise and liven things up! \o/

Enjoy Brazilian fauna with the brand-new toucan fur!

Take part in the Carnaval to win not items but exclusive titles and this big event add-up : badges. From now on, win badges during events to add them to your profile. Show to everyone that you were the mouse of the place!


Mudanças no Maniacos


Olá a todos, nós fizemos uma alteração em nosso site depois de muitos pedidos, de nossos usuários.

Com este novo site a jogabilidade e o lag irá diminuir muito, vendo que o site é bem mais leve e de fácil manejo.

Contamos com todos para nos ajudar a divulgar o maniacos e dar dicas para melhorarmos a cada dia…. Bom jogo a todos :)



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